New Release

Posted: July 28, 2010 in Hareluya II Boy, Sakigake Otokojuku


Chp 216 MF/SS

Chp 217 MF/SS

Hareluya Chp 159 MF/SS

  1. aka-chan says:

    Me is loving all the releases!!! ♥

  2. Tom says:

    Uhu!! More two, thanks.

  3. krish19oo says:

    thank you for the scans

  4. LoH's gay Faasha says:

    Been reading this for a while… I still can’t forget how pissed off i was when i read 183… Things are more interesting now… Thanks.

    Did you put me in the credits list?

  5. lagito says:

    Wow!! I laughed so bad when I read the awfully xenophobic name of the book “Even Indians are surprising!”

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