New release

Posted: August 1, 2010 in Hareluya II Boy, Sakigake Otokojuku, Ushio To Tora

Ushio To Tora chp 183 MF/MU

Hareluya II Boy chp 161 MF/MU

Sakigake Otokojuku chp 221 MF

  1. aka-chan says:

    Been waiting for this!! Yay! Toraa!! 😀

  2. Criler says:

    Yay, u&t!! Tyvm for your hard work 🙂

  3. krish19oo says:

    As always can’t wait to see Hareluya kicking ass thank very much for the scans

  4. suicune says:

    waaaw… udah lama banget

  5. sukanime says:

    Makasih buat Ushio And Tora nya…. ^_^

  6. Tom says:

    Thanks for more Sakigake.

  7. LoH's gay Faasha says:

    And here’s Kiba from Hokuto no ken…

    Thanks for Sakigake.

  8. Geron Raveneye says:

    Thanks for new U&T chapters!

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