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Posted: August 17, 2010 in Hareluya II Boy, Sakigake Otokojuku

Hareluya Chp 171 MF/SS

Otoko Chp 233 MF/SS

With this, I already catch up with the translation available in mangahelpers. Until there’s new translation, there will be no new otoko. If you can’t wait, pm strangerataru in mangahelpers, beg for new transalation^_^

  1. Edajima Heihachi says:

    Roughly how often does he make new translations?

  2. Fabian920 says:

    Thank you for the Hareluya release.

  3. repu says:

    om, new translation is arrive… hail otokojuku…

  4. elwan150 says:

    dang.. and it’s gotten serious too guess we’ll wait for a really long time for the true finals..

    thx 4 the release btw..

  5. Lover of Hokuto's gay father says:

    Ardneh… 10X. Did you put me in the credits of which vol was it?

  6. dolpiff says:

    it seems Strangerataru has resumed translating Saki since chapter 234 TL is out at MH 🙂 i sent him a pm to thank him for resuming it

    you can still pm him to show appreciation but dont flood him asking to resume it since he already has!

  7. dolpiff says:

    thanks to ardneh too of course 😉

  8. Tom says:

    Thank you very much, you make the difference.
    I believe he should be happy to see their translations being used so fast.
    Now is available the chapter 234.

  9. TehBotolSosro says:

    oh noes oh yes..thx u 🙂

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