Hareluya and Ushio

Posted: October 18, 2010 in Hareluya II Boy, Ushio To Tora

Hareluya chp 208

Ushio chp 195

  1. Rekien says:

    \o/ thx again…day relases *-*…..hell yeah!

  2. Edward says:

    man you are a machine when it comes to releases

  3. syafiq says:


  4. sukanime says:

    Wah hebat… Sudah muncul lagi Ushio And Tora nya, Terima kasih…….. ^_^

  5. Nekomimi says:

    Woah I actually got really pissed of when my internet connection wasn’t working and I couldn’t download the latest chapter of Hareluya. I guess I’m totally addicted xD

    I thank you with million hugs for making it possible for me to read Hareluya!

  6. Kurant says:

    Ardneh, you’re awesome thanks for releasing so much ushio & tora! I always wanted to know what happened after the anime got cut off.. thanks much!

  7. Geron Raveneye says:

    What Kurant said: thanks a lot for doing Ushio & Tora! I’ve been searching for years for this comic, hoping it might get published one day…still have no clue why it never makes it. It’s damn good material, and it’s all done. Anyway…huge kudos!

  8. sonicbam says:

    hareluya is absent for like a week now, now I miss it 😦

  9. Waise says:

    3 weeks w/o Hareluya? What happened? 😦

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