Hareluya and Otoko

Posted: December 13, 2010 in Hareluya II Boy, Sakigake Otokojuku

Hareluya vol 27 chp 240

Otoko vol 31 chp 285

  1. john says:

    Thanks ardneh! you’re doing great and hey…fast! 😉

  2. elwan150 says:

    it’s getting really close to the ending..in fact.. this shinken is the final obstacle of otoko-juku..and the opening is date’s final fight..i still think that date alone can whipped those so called instructor tho..:P

    btw.. just a hint..in the last fights of shinken temple we WILL see..my fav char.. the 2nd strongest and manliest man of otoko-juku (the 1st is still the principal..LOL).. the most gifted fighter, that even his name suggest that..that, my friends is why this shinken temple fights is SO AWESOME!!

  3. LoH's Gay Father says:

    Why would you spoil the fun man???????????

    You suck motherfucker…

    Btw it was kinda funny how almost everyone expressed their amazement by looking at the shinken temple (icluding the blind Gekkou!). There was also a mistake when the barret guy cut akashi and then akashi sliced him. If you look at akashi you’ll notice that the moment he cut the barret commander the handle of the sword was on his side, while it should of been from the side of the commander.

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