Hareluya Vol 28 chp 243

Posted: December 16, 2010 in Hareluya II Boy



  1. Adamxx says:

    Thx again…love what you are doing the this serie and more so with the godlike capacity and will power to continoue realesing chapter on a day basics and more so with a mega vol project like this…..if by any chance when you are done and that is if and ..only if… interessted…could peek by another super manga serie called ruler of the land or king of hell…..both done by korean author and both of them on a cross end at moment…like years now..since nobody seems to hand the load they both carry.

    I am myself used to part of the project gruops that realesed them on daily month bacis, but that fell apart and I am short on the langue of that part of the world….I know I am being selfish here and more so making demands, but would love like many other people out there if anyone took up on of this project again….anyway thx again for this chapter and godspeed with future endeavor …

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