Another release

Posted: January 16, 2011 in Sakigake Otokojuku, Ushio To Tora

Change of plan, I catch up with ushio and then Otoko. There’s problem with Megaupload, so, for now I only use Mediafire.

Ushio vol 25 chp 237 MF/MU

Ushio vol 26
Chp 238 MF/MU
Chp 239 MF/MU
Chp 240 MF/MU
Chp 241 MF/MU

Otoko vol 33 chp 297 MF/MU

  1. Tiamat says:

    thx for the otokojuku!

  2. Anon says:

    awesome. mediafire is good enough though we’ll tell you if there’s any problems with it.

  3. Zyvexal says:

    Megaupload is better for me because i have a premium account but Mediafire is fine too. 🙂

  4. Btw Ardneh have you considered doing Ta-chan (tl-ed by Ataru again)? It’s a comedy manga and as far as i know it gets serious later on. Kinda like Otokojuku, but the gag part is longer i think.

  5. Ataru has them, but here’s what i found:

    It’s strange cause Ta-chan is supposed to be 7 volumes i think… There’s a sequel but we’re not talking about it.

  6. adhe says:

    keep up the good job..

  7. Nintakun says:

    I have all the raws of Ta-chan too (both the 7 volume comedy part and the 20 volumes of Shin Ta-chan), if interested, send me a PM on Mangahelpers =]

  8. Big-serb-faggot-machine says:

    Dude i just posted the links to Ta-chan????? Look at my posts…

  9. Big-serb-faggot-machine says:

    Why do you need them, when i posted the links several posts below :D???

    • Ardneh says:

      I know, and I already download till vol 3, but I don’t have file factory or easy-share premium. And in my country, if you use free download, the speed is limited. It need 20 minutes to download 1 file, and then I have to wait 10 or 20 minutes. So, if there’s another alternative, like megaupload, mediafire, or fileserve, it will make me easier to download.

  10. Nintakun says:

    Ah Ardneh, it’s Nintakun too. Here’s my profile:

  11. Big-serb-faggot-machine says:

    Wow. These days i’ve been dl-ing Akatsuki Otokojuku 1-25 and guess what – i had to wait 20 mins per dl and another 30 after that…I thin the first link i gave (the one with Shin Ta-chan) isn’t complete. So can we expect Ta-chan v1 ch1 soon?

    Btw how do i create a torrent on nyaatorrents so that people can dl the complete Akatsuki?

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