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Posted: February 27, 2011 in Giant Killing, Hareluya II Boy, Sakigake Otokojuku, Ushio To Tora

Ushio To Tora Vol 29
Chp 267
Chp 268

Hareluya II Boy
Vol 31 chp 277
Vol 32 chp 278

Sakigake Otokojuku vol 33
Chp 302
Chp 303

Giant Killing vol 10 chp 91

  1. krish19oo says:

    Thank you very much for the relases, Giant Killing Anime was superb and eagerly waiting for your fast releases

  2. ChibiJosh says:

    Thanks for Ushio. It gets more and more amazing the closer we get to the end. Can’t wait for more.

  3. adhe says:

    i’ve been waiting for ages..
    thanks for ushio tora release..

  4. Johsnon says:

    Thanks for oto

    Not many chapters left!

  5. Edoardo Colagrossi says:

    Thank you a lot to Giant Killing,

  6. innerchorus says:

    Thanks so much for the Giant Killing chapter! 😀

  7. Big-serb-faggot-machine says:

    Thanks for sakigake!

  8. Kyuuki-chan says:

    really, I can’t thank you enough for your work scanlating Ushio & Tora. quite frankly, it’s one of the few things that have been keeping me from a total breakdown for this last month. after my mom died last month things have been hellishly hard, and this has been one of the best distractions, and has the added bonus of having some connection to my mom with it as well (we watched the Ushio & Tora OVAs together twice, it was one of the first anime series she admitted had it’s “cute moments” before she became an anime fan).

  9. Will says:

    hey dude. Props for doing these old school mangas. Love its intensity and art. Too bad we can’t find these shits anymore nowadays.

  10. bob83 says:

    Thx for Ushion scan. can’t wait till this great manga come to an end. afterthat, i hope a new project like karakuri circus will arrive

  11. Phantasmagorical says:

    Awesome! Thanks for the releases!
    Whoo! Giant Killing!

  12. patapi says:

    thanks a ton! especially for Giant Killing !!

  13. Exquisik says:

    Thank you so much for scanlating Giant Killing! It’s one of the good mangas out there but I have no idea why there’s no scanlation group interested in scanlating it. Any idea on when 92 will be released? As far as I know, I think the manga is currently on Volume 17 which is 7 volume after ch. 92.

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