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Posted: April 7, 2011 in Hareluya II Boy, Ushio To Tora

It’s the end for hareluya.  I don’t know what to say.  So I get to the point. The translator start a new project name Countach. It’s another Umezawa Haruto’s manga. But not like Hareluya, it’s more serious. I’ll ask the translator, if  El_Maltese_Burger agree, it’ll be my new project.  Enjoy the remaining chapter of Hareluya.

Hareluya vol 33 chp 290-295


One more volume for Ushio till the end. The last chapter in volume 32 really got me. It make me cry a bit, I don’t care what will you call me. Of all the sad scene in Ushio To Tora, for me, this one is the best.

Volume 32

  1. Saracin says:

    Thanks for all the hard work on this one. It was an awesome manga from start to finish and I’ll look forward to Countach whenever you’re able to work on it. Hmm, and maybe I’ll have to check out Ushio when I get some time if it had such a moment to bring tears. And no worries, no one will call you names for crying, sissy boy. 😀

  2. Baldulf says:


    Yes, last volumes of Ushio are quite a rush and very emotional. The best way to end this wonderful manga.

  3. elwan150 says:

    thx a lot for ushio..

    but cmon otoko-juku??waiting eagerly for this.. coz as you say.. this final arc got quite a good concept..coz it’s a battle of pride..

  4. Anon says:

    Thanks! Now hareluya is complete, awesome job. Looking forward to any manga project that you take up, since they’re all good.

  5. follower says:

    how about ushio to tora gaiden?
    you don’t want to translate it?

    here the link for uhio to tora gaiden

  6. alchemist11 says:

    Countach is a good, serious manga about well, Countach’s. I’ve seen up to volume 17. Can’t find raws for 18+.

  7. benibara says:

    do you gonna translate another manga after ushio to tora? if yes, please pick kotaro makaritoru

    • Ardneh says:

      I want to pick Kotaro, but there’s no translation available, after Ushio To Tora, HisaRania will do Gaiden, then Karakuri Circus

      • ChibiJosh says:

        Does that mean you’ll start working on Karakuri Circus too? I’ve read the first few volumes and I’d like to continue read it, but the group scanning it is very slow. By the time a new chapter comes out, I’ve forgotten what has happened.

      • Ardneh says:

        Yes, we’ll working on Karakuri Circus. But don’t expect it as fast as Ushio. It’s 2 chapter a week at most.

      • ChibiJosh says:

        No problem. That’s much faster than the other people working on it. They haven’t released a new chapter in about 6 or 7 months.

      • Dan Bellucci says:

        You guys will do Karakuri Circus?!

        My prayers have been answered!
        Big up the Kazuhiro Fujita love.

    • Baldulf says:

      You’ll work in Karakuri circus just after gaiden?

      Those are excellent news! Thanks a lot.

  8. HisaRania says:

    While Ushio to Tora 32 has some tear-jerking moments, prepare yourself for 33. I spent nearly twice as long translating some of the chapters simply so I could go into the bathroom for a crying jag…

    And I’m planning to translate the Gaiden as well, if ardneh’s up for scanlating…

  9. adhe says:

    thanks for ushio tora..
    waiting for final volume..

  10. xxxx says:

    thanks a lot for Ushio!!! Volume 32 it have a very touching last chapter… It’s sad but I think that’s the perfect ending for this character…

    Nice to know that you are translating Ushio & Tora Gaiden as well.. 🙂

  11. Dabear says:

    Thanks for translating this awesome manga.

  12. Thomas says:

    Yeah! Hareluya complete.
    Ushio to Tora really is great.
    Thanks, now we have 1 amazing manga complete and 2 others almost in the end.

  13. Somebody says:

    Thanks a lot!
    Hibino conquered the world with his awesomeness.
    I’ll read Countach when/if you release it.

  14. WavesOfPain says:

    Ushio To Tora conclusion has to be epic, this volume was way better than i anticipated! yhank you wìvery much for all the work behind the release 🙂

  15. sensei 12 says:

    I have no words to show my gratitude.

  16. ChibiJosh says:

    Thanks for Ushio and Tora! I’ll be eagerly awaiting the final volume.

  17. ancher says:

    thank for your hardwork.

  18. Steve says:

    Fucking love you guys. Thanks for sticking with Hareluya for so long ♥

  19. K41 says:

    Thx for your hard work on Vol 32 of Ushio, I shed tears while reading it. =’)

  20. Bill says:

    Thanks for ushio. hey, since ushio is nearing end, i was wondering if you guys are interested in picking karakuri circus (same author)

  21. XiaoLiniX says:

    awww…one of the great manga has end…
    i wish everyone enjoying this manga as much as i do…

  22. xellos says:

    Terimakasih banyak ushio tora nya.Semoga dapat pahala, sukses dan dimudahkan urusannya. Andai ada animenya juga >.<

    Translate :
    Thanks you very much for ushio tora 😀

  23. hey there Ardneh, I’m Yazawa from Project Bite Me! (another scan group). I’m very happy to hear you’re almost done with Ushio to Tora since it’s one of my favorite mangas to read. Since you’re interested in working on Karakuri Circus, I am more than willing to help if you want. I love Karakuri Circus and I have been asked to work on it many times so if we could work out some sort of agreement, I’d love to work on it with you and help in any way you need it.

  24. SharoKham says:

    I haven’t such quality manga at such a shocking pace since the heyday of Spamdini.

  25. dolpiff says:

    woa Ushio vol 32 was epic
    thanks HisaRania Ardneh for your continued efforts in bringing us this gem of the past

    also i see you are talking about an Ushitora Gaiden manga?is it an alternative story / past arc?

  26. Johsnon says:

    Man if you did oto at the same speed as these two you would’ve finished months ago
    grats on finishing a project though

    • Ardneh says:

      To tell you the truth, I already lost interest in otoko 15 books ago. But, I’ll finish it, don’t worry. Right now, I’m working on it.

      • dolpiff says:

        it’s the same for me, ottoko kinda become boring half-way through the daibukai arc…

      • Johsnon says:

        I won’t lie, it probably should’ve ended after the tournament arc before this seven tusks stuff but it’s still entertaining enough to enjoy.

  27. R:1 says:

    Bang hendra keren banget… you are the best.

    Ardneh = best scans group that i’ve ever meet. good job

  28. mangafan97 says:

    Thanks you guys for your hard work on Usio, Hareruya and Otoko. Your dedication are priceless…

  29. Somebody says:

    I’ve just noticed that there’s a smile at the bottom of the page o.0

  30. Oa says:

    Haven’t had time to thank for this release. I’m really grateful for your job translating Ushio & Tora to english. It’s an awesome manga. At first I wasn’t sure if to read it or not, but I’m pretty sure that when anyone begin to read it, he/she will surely love it. That’s how much of a great manga it is. Thanks again for your work. Only one volume left. It’s not finished yet and I’m begining to miss it…

  31. Scarlett says:

    Thanks for all the time and effort you’ve put into Hareluya. I’ve been waiting for a long time for someone to pick up the series, and you’ve done an awesome job on it. Can’t wait to see countach! Keep up the excellent work!

  32. bolacroc says:

    thanks for the work on hareluya. From the summary of countach, its looking quite an interesting manga. You guys going to do karakuri circus Thanks man. Ive been waiting for that one to be continued

  33. trunck says:

    I can’t thank you enough!! It’s important that in this very hard scanlating business you know that people really appreiciate what you do!
    You finished Hareluya which i was waiting ages for someone to do, and introduced me to another old school great manga usiho to tora, and you release at amazing pace such long series, thanks a lot!!!

  34. God Movement says:

    Hey Hendra, did you receive the clean?

  35. God Movement any report on jojo?

  36. fredfred400 says:

    you guys are awesome 🙂

  37. Anon says:

    will you continue from Hareluya v05 onwards? There is only c35 for it and there is a break from c35 until c140. Pretty please? *looklikeadog* o_o

    Thanks your for your hard work and i loved Ushio and Tora and was waiting Ages for someone to complete it. ”praise God ardneh* ^^

  38. ayakka says:

    Thanks a lot for your work on usio and tora, this manga is amazing and your translation is perfect so thank you again (from france!)

  39. Judash137 says:

    Hi Ardneh, I’m new comer here! You’ll work with karakuri circus translating, right?
    – For now,i have whole 43 vols with japanese text removed, all text box is blank and ready for you guy to put english text in there! It’ll save your time to finish the work.
    – If you need them, i’ll send you the link of mediafire,
    – My yahoo chat is
    – i’m so glad to see you guys wanna work with karakuri circus, a master pieces from Kazuhiro Fujita !

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