The last of Otokojuku

Posted: April 13, 2011 in Sakigake Otokojuku

Finally, I’m finish with otoko. This is my first project, and I really want to finish it earlier. But I lost my interest in Otoko at half way. It would finish sooner than this, but some of Otoko fans are really rude, it almost made me drop the project. Well, that’s it from me.

Sakigake Otokojuku vol 34 chp 308-313 plus One shot.

  1. xtudiux says:

    Another completed scanlated…thx alot…been meaning to read this one in english but its not available in english…thx alot again…

  2. ancient_warrior says:

    Neato, thanks a bunch for completing all of Otokojuku it was a colossal task.

  3. KingofHearts says:

    I know it’s hard but don’t mind the rude comments, some people are like that… they don’t understand how much work scanlating manga is.

    For me, this is like Christmas, I have been waiting for complete Otokojuku since the moment StrangerAtaru began translating it. And now the day is here! The manliest manga ever is complete! Yahoo! Thank you so much for your work, scanlating almost 34 vols is a huge task but you did it!

  4. elwan150 says:

    all right!! i never know that there exist the 34 vol of otoko-juku my collection.. two of my fav classic shonen jump manga is complete..jojo and otoko-juku..

    thx a lot!!

  5. Mierten says:

    Thank you for the work you do and seeing projects finished to the end. Fans can be disheartened when a favorite project is dropped so you made a lot of people happy.
    It is also commendable that you work on and finish long projects.
    May you enjoy the projects you do as much as us readers.

  6. Velo says:

    Wow, right on! 34 volumes single-handed. Just ignore the complainers, you’ve done some great work here

  7. Johsnon says:

    I’m sorry if I as one of the “rude” fans you were talking about, I tried not to be but oto was the only series I cared about of the 3 you were releasing 😡 thanks for finally finishing it you have my forever gratitude. Now if only someone would start one of the 5~ other series I want to read with no scans at all xfd oh well.

  8. kaloo says:

    Thank you so much. You’re the best. 😀

    I need to catch up on Ushio…

  9. Nakadai says:

    Sorry scanning this became such a chore at the end but thanks for your perseverance!

  10. Takeshi says:

    I’m sorry if you’ve already this somewhere, but is there going to be any Giant Killing soon? Is it slow priority or is there issues with getting it out?

    Thank you in advance.

    • ChibiJosh says:

      This is exactly the sort of thing he was talking about when he said “but some of Otoko fans are really rude, it almost made me drop the project.”

      • Takeshi says:

        Was I rude?

        I’m sorry, I’m just curious.

        Some groups don’t mind, I guess you mind so I’ll just stop asking and wait for releases.

      • Ardneh says:

        Not at all, about Giant Killing, I don’t have translator anymore, so, until I found one, I guess i have to drop the project.

  11. vojo85 says:

    Ty for finishing it i loved it. It’s so funny even do i know its kinda of dumb but “parody dumb”

    If your gonna do a new manga can you please do “Be Free!”

    I love how you done it so fast thank you for your effort!

  12. Thomas says:

    Thank you very much, I’m following you since the first release of Otoko.

  13. Darmawan says:

    hebat euy hendra, akhirna otokojuku selesai oge, tengkyu euy. By urang Bandung

  14. Ataru says:

    First of all, an apology for being the weirdo who translated the series and making you lose interest…if it was me. Heh, I didn’t realize how bad you had it…I guess I may have been a problem myself with it.

    Second, a big, big thank you for picking up my scripts and doing this series, for both me, the Jump community and the fans. Yeah, there were a lot of bizarre moments and parts where I couldn’t take what was going on either, but it’s still a great series and still worthwhile in knowing about in the annals of the history of WSJ. I will maybe do Akatsuki someday…but only if I get time with my new arrangement.

  15. james says:

    i don’t read otoko but i read all the Hareluya II Boy scanlations, just want to say thank you for all your hard work n please just ignore those rude fans : )

  16. Ardneh, i still haven’t read the latest volume, but HUGE THANKS and respect. You did an amazing job. I hope i wasn’t from the people you said demanded too much… But at some point there was literally no sakigake and you didn’t even say why? Thanks again! Looking forward to your projects! Gonna comment on the latest chapters maybe after several weeks.

  17. And yes, i was here when you started this project… I might have been the first person to talk with you about the project (when i posted on mangahelpers that is). So you finished the manga in a year, i guess that’s REALLY fast, not counting the time you skipped doing otoko, so yeah around a year. it’s an amazing job! Thanks again!

    Huge, HUUUGE thanks to Ataru as well… If only more people were doing the classics… The manga world would be a better place. Looking forward to your translations, i haven’t checked if you’ve done Akatsuki (but if you have, thank you). I started reading Tar-chan as well. Like i said i’m gonna read the end of Sakigake next month probably and then gonna read Akatsuki.

    • Ataru says:

      Sadly I haven’t started Akatsuki yet. Currently I’m trying to get through Nube (though with recent changes that will be harder) and have to put Ta-chan on hold until I can find time to do it. Unless someone else TLs Akatsuki, it will wait until after Nube is done…unless the demand is high enough that I go back to Ta-chan.

  18. Actually i’m curious how will Ta-chan turn out, since the first arc? is a gag one and then it gets serious…

    • Ataru says:

      Basically Ta-chan is set up into two series:

      -The first series, which I was in the middle of, is seven volumes and takes up two years at least of the series. It’s basically just weird gag stories and whatnot. Some say that Tokuhiro did it mostly since he was working on a series in a seinen magazine at the same time…and when that ended, he focused all concentration on Ta-chan. Let’s say this: a few notable characters show up in this phase (Ta-chan, Jane, Etekichi, Anabebe), but you’ll know when we’re near the end when a character named Pedro shows up (and that’s in the final volume)

      -Once Ta-chan becomes Shin Ta-chan, then it becomes…well it gets more serious and action-packed, but amazingly a lot of the humor remains and there are still certain points where there are no arcs and it’s just more random Ta-chan weirdness. But the action is kick-ass and things progress rather quickly in said arcs. The only other major character in the series we meet in the second Shin arc (a Chinese martial artist, you’ll know who he is probably when he shows up)

      • Nintakun says:

        Wow, Shin Ta-chan looks awesome.
        I read your Ta-chan translations and I like it very much.

        Good Luck finishing Nube, Ataru!

  19. dxInt says:

    You do great work. Thanks so much for seeing this mighty task through to the end, and I apologize on behalf of any of the annoying fans!

  20. Takeshi says:

    @Ardneh: for some reason I can’t reply to you.

    Muda scanlation is taking over where Chibisuke-Scans left off. Have you guys tried approaching them about a joint or something?

  21. bayuardi says:

    many thanks for you ardneh..i’ve been looking for this “darah satria” scanlated, i’ve been googling and it directs me to ur blog. what a surprises, i found it completed to it last volume.. a great job! terima kasih banyak gan..

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