Ushio To Tora Gaiden

Posted: May 3, 2011 in Ushio To Tora

The first part of gaiden

Ushio To Tora Gaiden part 1

  1. R says:

    Thanks a lot for the latest update. 🙂

  2. Axl says:

    Thanks a bunch for your quick releases

  3. baldulf says:


  4. adhe says:


  5. kuro says:

    Thanks.Request manga ZeroIn……

  6. jptyiu22 says:

    Please go to!! THANKS!! 😀

  7. Johsnon says:

    Are you still translating manga or have you stopped now that you finished the great otokojuku?

  8. Mundo says:

    after you finished ushio to tora, are you gonna scanlate a new series?
    how about continue Karakuri Circus? its another great series from Fujita Kazuhiro.

  9. ayakka says:

    Hi Ardneh, are you really going to work on karakuri circus? i just discovered this serie and i am addicted, its really good and original.
    Just wanted to tell you i live in france and if i can find the books i will have them until T2. it was edited by Delcourt but they stopped halfway. Anyway, they usually are quite good with their traduction so maybe if you want some help just tell me. I dont understand any word of japanese but i’m pretty sure i can understand my own language :p and should be able to translate in english if you need.

  10. ayakka says:

    Sorry its not T2 but T21 :p

  11. leo says:

    is there no continuation on ushio to tora?
    i’ve been waiting for many month but there’s no new chapter so far….
    when is it gonna be released?

    • Dan Bellucci says:

      The man’s allowed to have a summer break dude. Ardneh and co. have just plowed through 33 volumes of Ushio and Tora in a couple of years, in addition to how ever many dozens of Otokojuku and Hareluya volumes they’ve done as well.

      Relax man, Ardneh’s got this.

  12. Mundo says:

    the chapter was already ended 😀

  13. sunnyweed says:

    Wait…. So is that it for ushio and tora?

  14. roots says:

    hmm jadi ushio toranya udah tamat? gak ada lanjutan lagi?

  15. Mundo says:

    still no news about the new project?
    i’m really bored here >.<

  16. root says:

    ushio tora gaidennya udah tamat yah? gak ada lanjutan lagi kah?

  17. Judash137 says:

    Hi Ardneh, I’m new comer here! You’ll work with karakuri circus translating, right?
    – For now,i have whole 43 vols with japanese text removed, all text box is blank and ready for you guy to put english text in there! It’ll save your time to finish the work.
    – If you need them, i’ll send you the link of mediafire,
    – My yahoo chat is
    – i’m so glad to see you guys wanna work with karakuri circus, a master pieces from Kazuhiro Fujita !

  18. Judash137 says:

    BTW I already have karakuri circus english vol 1 to 10 and sure i ‘ll share it to community! All you need to do now is translate vol 11 to 43, it’ll save your precious time a lot !
    And finally we all happy together with the whole 43 vols in english !

  19. Fan of Karakuri Circus says:

    Look at .
    hisarania (or “One-Woman Show”) is translating Karakuri Circus. Ardneh, if you’re still interested in scanlating Karakuri Circus, you should contact hisarania.

    • HisaRania says:

      Ardneh and I worked together on Ushio to Tora. I know he really wanted to do Karakuri Circus, but I hadn’t heard from his for a while, so I decided to get started and see if he got time for it later.

  20. Oa says:

    Sorry for the comment, but….. does that mean thet there won’t be a release of the second part of the Gaiden of Ushio to Tora?
    r you already released it? O_o

  21. HisaRania says:

    I actually already posted the second and third part of the Gaiden on MangaFox and I’ll probably put out the fourth in the next few days.

  22. ShiroiRyu says:

    But we will have the download link too ? :p
    Thanks for that !

  23. Mundo says:

    is this site dead?
    there is no respond at all from the admin >.<

  24. baldulf says:

    Is Ardneh ok? Maybe something happened to him.

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